Hutchinson, Minnesota

After a successful start to the Grand National season and debut of two brand new tractors for the team, Koester Racing made the annual trip to the north to compete at Hutchinson, Minnesota.  Hutch has become  a popular event with the pullers on the NTPA circuit, as fellow pullers work hard to help promote the show and it provides great competition.

Koester1Friday Night-

The class was a bit smaller in Hutchinson than it has been in previous years, but it was still packed from front to back with tractors that could win the class.  Larry hooked first with his “Footloose” entry and pulled himself solidly in to second place but with his son Adam and defending Grand National Champion Jason Hathaway lurking in the wings, the idea of a podium was still a bit in question for the Wadesville, Indiana veteran.

Hathaway brought his Honkin Donkey Black to the line already holding the lead with his other entry, HD Red.  The Washington, Pennsylvania based Hathaway parked his second entry in the lead which left him with a 1-2 finish as only a few tractors remained.  One of those tractors was Adam Koester, with his newly named “Beast of Burden” sponsored by Shell Rotella.  With some data from his dad’s run, Adam called upon his Minor Brothers Hemi and ultimately wound up in third.  With Hathaway and Adam bumping Larry, he settled for a fourth place finish and a great points night.

Saturday Night

With the knowledge from the first day of competition, the Koester Racing Team was anxious to unload and get to work on Saturday Evening with their Shell Rotella sponsored Modified Mini’s.  Adam hooked in the first half of the class, while Larry was scheduled to hook later.  With the tractor sailing down the track and on its way to a top five finish and a great night for points, Adam unfortunately was Disqualified and thus had to settled for a 10th place finish.  The finish was truly not indicative of the performance that the tractor laid forth, but it was a good mark of what was to potentially come for the “Beast of Burden” the rest of the summer.

Following up after Adam, Larry used the 9th hook of the class to navigate himself to a sixth place finish on board his “Footloose”.  With both nights of competition in the books, the trailer was packed up tight and the guys were on the way to Tomah to get ready for a big week of pulling, displays, and entertaining with Shell Rotella.