Wisconsin Dairyland SuperNationals

Koester8Fresh off a successful trip to Minnesota, Koester Racing rolled in to the first Super National event of the season in Tomah, Wisconsin.  The annual trip to Wisconsin is a team favorite as it allows us an opportunity to compete on a grand stage, but we also get to go out and do a display to promote the pull and Shell Rotella.  We have grown accustomed to entertaining and visiting with valued customers of Shell at these larger NTPA Grand National events, and though the days are often long, it is very rewarding to hear the stories of the great ambassadors of the brand that are working to sell and reach the next Shell Rotella customer.

After our display, our focus was aimed at trying to continue the consistent start we had, had at the first few events of the season.  Hitting the winners circle in Tomah, is a great achievement as the event often has as many as twenty five tractors in our class.

Kicking things off in Session 1- Adam rebounded from the disqualification he had at Hutchinson and powered himself to a brilliant third place finish.  In finishing third, Adam had claimed that very position in three of the first five events.   Larry followed Adam in the very competitive class with a seventh place finish in the Shell Rotella sponsored “Footloose”.  Together Adam and Larry were pleased with their overall performance in session 1 and began to prepare for the next time they would be out in Session #5.  Koester6

After a full day and a half off of competing, and throwing everything they could in the form of setups at their new tractors, Koester Racing did their final preparations for competition Saturday Night with the same intent they had Thursday, hit the top three podium again.  Having the floating finish in place due to a threat of weather, the sled setting allowed the Mini’s to fly down the track.  Much like he had already this season, Adam took his MBR powered “Beast of Burden” to a distance out beyond 346 feet and a third place finish. Having watched Adam, Larry had a game plan for how to get himself into the mix at the finish line in Tomah.  With a tremendous launch off the line, Larry was building incredible ground speed when he lost a blower belt  and unfortunately had to settle for a finishing spot out side of the top ten.    While the results did not indicate what we at Koester Racing aspired for in Tomah, we are proud of the ground we are making and the performance of the new tractors thus far.  We will have one weekend off, before we head to Rockwell, Iowa for competition with the Grand National circuit.